Get to Know More About Me

Alexandre Moreau-Lemay
Photo by Jennifer Pitoscia. Visit her website:

Who am I?

I am a Canadian photographer residing in Montreal. My portfolio includes a variety of photography styles, but my main focus is on landscapes and what I like to call natural portraits. Mostly rather than photographing in a studio, I prefer to work with what the natural environment gives me. My love for landscape photography was triggered by the glaciers of Norway, one of which I quite unexpectedly ended up spending the night on back in 2015.

I am a self-taught photographer without any formal schooling in the field of photography. However, I strongly believe in perpetual learning. I am always learning through my own experiences and those of others and I am constantly looking up information on how to further improve myself.

What else do I do?

Along with landscape photography, I also create time-lapses and concept project. I’m working on a book called “Sky” at the moment. I bought my first DSLR in 2014, a Canon T5. I really pushed this camera to its limits, doing professional work on an entry-level camera.

Although my main focus is landscape photography, I keep experimenting different genres. I strongly believe in DIY stuff and create a lot of my photo equipment myself. For example my reflectors or my lighting kit. Given I live in a dense city, I also do a lot of streets photography and a bit of portrait work, mostly in natural lighting.

What got me started?

I also really got a push to experiment with photography with one of my friends, as he was an MMA fighter and needed pictures to be taken. We would get together as often as our schedule allowed us and tried many creative styles.